Types of Bags Every Modern Man

The choice of a man’s bag says a lot about him. Wearing the same old backpack, beaten day after day, may have been accepted as a teenager, but a thoughtful selection of functional and stylish luggage is the real sign of tailoring.

Whether it’s a spare outfit for a weekend or protection for your 9-5 essentials, these are the bags that every stylish man needs in his life.

All-weather backpack

You can not choose the weather. However, what you can do is choose a backpack that is properly equipped to withstand all the elements. Say goodbye to wet files and folders and say hello to an all-weather technical backpack.

What Is It?

For a bag to be considered really weatherproof, it must be able to withstand a good, old-fashioned downpour. This means that they have at least some degree of water resistance. Gore-Tex is widely known as the best fabric to let air in while keeping water out, but there are a number of new high-performance fabrics on the market that work just as well, including cotton and ripstop or coated nylons.

Joints are especially susceptible to water ingress, so pay attention to such things as welds and waterproof zippers.

Why You Need It

In addition to the obvious reasons to invest in an all-season bag, there is the style aspect. On paper, these extremely convenient containers may not look particularly attractive visually, but thanks to the ever-growing popularity of technological clothing and useful design, there are some very clever options.

Shop at Filson, Steele & Borough, Mismo, Patagonia and the North Face for clothing-friendly styles that work as well as they look.

Luxe Tote
While the canvas bag will always be a hipster brand, a premium version together with consideration and care- can be a valuable addition to a gentleman’s luggage list.