Sophisticated Slides Leather Sandal Brands

Nothing acidifies a terminator summer haircut faster than a terrible sock tan. And if you choose to spend the hottest days in your sneakers, that’s the price to pay.

Our suggestion would be to spend money on a pair of leather sandals that can be dressed up or down. This way you can let your feet see the light of day without having to resort to otherwise elegant Looks with a pair of boring plastic slides or flip-flops.

Leather sandals are great because they are durable and comfortable when narrowed down, and you can wear them with anything from T-Shirts to sewing. For us, they are therefore essential to approach the hottest time of the year in style. It’s clear. What can sometimes be less clear is how to choose the right pair.

As fantastic as some sandals are, there are a lot of inherently uncool pairs floating around. If you want to see the piece, it’s important to choose carefully and make sure you get a pair that looks great, is versatile and won’t go out of style in a year or two.

Leather Sandals Buying Considerations

There are many types of leather sandals. Some are casual, some are a little more elegant, some are easy to put on in a pool slide style and others have all kinds of straps and buckles to keep them in place.

There is no right or wrong style, but the best one for you depends on what you expect from your sandals. So we have listed some of the most important types and what they are for further down the page.


The sole of a Sandal largely determines its comfort. They range from flat, thin and barely padded to thick and comfortable.

You should think about how much you will walk in your sandals and how far you will go if you do. The more steps you plan, the more comfortable the insole should be.


Of course, all the colors of the rainbow are available for leather sandals, but for more versatility we recommend black, brown or light brown.

These neutral options are more in line with the pieces in your holiday wardrobe, which means you’ll get more bang for your buck over time.