Scarf Jackets Are Winter Most Viral Coat

Heattech leggings, turtleneck, North Face Jacket, scarf, hat. This is the series of winter essentials that I always come back to when I pack up for the cold season. But last fall, a new coat trend came on the market that challenged my must-have down jacket: Totêmes shawl jacket. Another cold season later, it’s still there.

The short wool coat with an integrated scarf and contrasting embroidery of the Stockholm-based fashionable label has firmly conquered social networks everywhere. But I also continued to discover design in nature in New York. Walking through the streets of Soho or at a dinner party in Williamsburg, I grabbed the shawl coat from the side of my eye.

the hashtag #totemescarfjacket has over 15.5 million views, with videos ranging from in-store style tutorials and essays to summaries of inexpensive alternatives to the brand’s $1,000-plus coat, which has gained a loyal following through its classic pieces and a twist like balloon jeans and loose striped sweaters.

Lauren Mazzarisi, a planner for richness digital media, first saw Totême’s scarf jacket in the Instagram story of @someherelately. “I was immediately attracted to it and saved a screenshot on my phone,” she says. “I realized [then] that coats can be just as chic as the outfit underneath!”

While Totême’s piece has become the most ubiquitous version of the outerwear trend, it is not the only coat with an integrated scarf on the market that is causing a sensation. “When we saw the scarf trend taking hold, we felt that this was a trend we wanted to jump on,” says Anthony Cuthbertson, creative director at Ted Baker. “We curated our own unique iteration, Solanna and Jilliya, which quickly became the cult object of the year.”

Cuthbertson attributes the popularity of the play to its versatility and lightness. “At this time of year, the” should I wear a scarf?”debating every morning is real, so these embedded versions make the decision easier,” he explains. In fact, the wearers have the option of having the detail of the scarf draped over their shoulders, as with the traditional winter accessory, or to wear it in front like elongated collars.

This versatility is the key. With winter jackets at the more expensive end of the items in their closet, many shoppers view the purchase as an investment — something to be worn for years, rather than just for one season. It is useful that the shawl jacket also has all the markings of a classic style, such as a peacoat or a trench coat. In general, the coloring is neutral (gray, olive green, black, etc.); the materials range from luxurious wool and cashmere to more casual down fillings; and the silhouettes are clean and simple.