Rolex Air Hiking Watch

Fashion has long been inspired by function. Many classics of men’s fashion go back to military, sports or professional applications. Think of trench coats, sneakers and jeans – garments designed with a clear practical task in mind, but which have themselves become must-haves for clothing. The same is increasingly true for many outdoor spaces.

Thanks to the spread of the so-called “gorpcore” (a fashion aesthetic inspired by the great outdoors), a number of technical outerwear have found their way from the mountain into everyday wardrobes.

These days, brands like Arc’teryx, Patagonia and Salomon are just as likely to be seen in trendy metropolitan areas as they are in the wild, and that’s not a bad thing. There are even cross-label brands that bridge the gap between function and fashion, creating outerwear from a more aesthetically pleasing point of view. And wander, ROA and Ostrya, to name a few.

These outdoor parts not only look cool, but are also comfortable, practical and durable. Yes, they are designed for use in some of nature’s harshest environments, but that often makes them perfect for everyday use. Here are the best ones that we think you should add to your wardrobe.

Gore-Tex Shell

For the uninitiated, Gore-Tex is a miracle material that prevents water droplets from passing, while allowing water vapor to escape from the inside. This makes it absolutely waterproof, but also breathable performance that no other fabric with the same finesse has achieved.

Of course, it is the go-to place for performance clothes for mountaineers and climbers, but Gore-Tex hulls have also become fashion items in their own right. Shell jackets from outdoor brands like Arc’teryx have usurped macs and trench coats as must-have rain jackets for savvy city suits, and they’ve even walked the catwalk more than once.

Leather Hiking Boots

Leather hiking boots from brands such as Danner and diemme are no longer at the forefront of technological innovation, but they still look great and are designed for durability. These are the boots that intrepid mountaineers used in the 1970s and 1980s.

And although there are certainly better options now when it comes to climbing 8,000-meter peaks, there are few that offer a better balance between durability and rugged aesthetics.

These boots are available in different colors and even suede, but the classic version is made of light brown leather with red laces. Black is good for a slightly more restrained approach. Maybe you’ve seen Daniel Craig in Spectre with a pair of black Danner mountain lamps (arguably the definitive classic hiking boot.