Lightweight Knits That Will See You Through Summer

As the balmy summer days reluctantly give way to the cooler embrace of autumn, our collective wardrobes are undergoing a Transformation that necessarily implies a fusion of style and functionality. In other words, it’s getting colder outside.

Cooler weather requires heat up outfits, but you need to be able to handle temperature fluctuations. In the midst of this seasonal change, the art of layering occupies a central place, and in the field of men’s clothing, knitted tops appear as the unsung heroes of the contemporary wardrobe.

If you’re licking your proverbial lips while you’re doing it, when you’re resurfacing your entire knitting collection from the vacuum-sealed sarcophagus in the attic, stop the fire for a sweet Minute. Coarse threads can remain in hibernation for the time being.

What you want to achieve are the light, finely knitted tops made of soft cotton, temperature-regulating merino wool and indulgent cashmere.

Knitted Polo Shirt

A knitted polo shirt elegantly combines casual comfort and refined sophistication, a combination that has not been lost in a number of haute couture and clothing brands in recent Seasons.

In fact, it has become one of the key elements of the widely adopted trend “stealth wealth” thanks to its minimalist silhouette and discreet design details. The knitted element also brings a textured finish that gives smart casual Looks an always sophisticated finish.

Whether made of Supima cotton or more sophisticated fabrics such as merino wool, cashmere or even a silk blend, the breathable construction of the knitted polo shirt is perfect for transition times and adapts effortlessly to heat up days on cool autumn evenings.

A modern approach is to wear it under an unstructured Blazer to allow a “Sprezzatura” confection, or to wear it with chinos and a suede jacket for a more casual “quiet richness” look.

Long-Sleeved Merino Polo Shirt

While traditional tailoring has moved back a notch or two on the scale of formality, the long-sleeved knitted polo shirt has reached new heights of style thanks to a multitude of richness brands that create beautiful examples of merino and cashmere.

They are a must-have when trying to dress up and offer a nice structural addition to a wool suit or custom-made individual pieces, as well as this casual soft-collared construction. The long sleeves make them just a little more formal than the traditional short-sleeved version.

The natural temperature-regulating properties of merino also make it a wise choice for changing climates, perfect for late summer and early autumn, when you can experience all four seasons in one afternoon.