Jewelry Trends That Will Ensure You Shine Bright

If your outfits don’t make you smile, maybe it’s time to update your Accessory collection. At least that’s what Shopbop’s fashion director Caroline Maguire thinks, based on what customers are currently adding to their baskets. The fashionable mood of the jewelry trends of 2023 seems happy, and nothing guarantees a good time like a little sparkle.
“Overall, we see a need for fun and functional styles that can be worn on a daily basis,” says Maguire. In particular, the right piece of jewelry, she adds, may be just what is needed to make the pleasure functional. Think a pair of rule-breaking earrings or a mood-enhancing pop of color to adorn an otherwise simple ensemble.

If the bright hues and bold pieces don’t quite match your personal style, don’t worry. There is no single answer in the jewelry department, and this has never been more true than for the other flagship trend of this Season: hardly balls that speak of a less is more mentality.

Below we have collected eight trendy jewelry styles for minimalists, maximalists and everyone in between.

Jewelry Trend 2023: Not Your Grandma’s Pearls

The pearls are not going anywhere (thank you, Harry Styles). But with the turn of each Season, a number of new interesting ways to wear them are coming, so we anticipate that even bolder and even better approaches to the trend are waiting for us all. We are talking about unusual shapes, architectural embellishments and far from traditional materials — the kind of beads in which grandma squeezes hers.

Jewelry Trend 2023: Barely There Baubles

Considering that the Hashtag #nonecklacetrend has more than 5.6 million views on TikTok, some would say that the biggest jewelry trend right now is not jewelry at all. However, if you want to go out without the slightest little something, as if you were leaving the house naked, consider a barely-there Alternative instead. From chains so thin that they are almost translucent to “pretty nothing rings”, these styles are a minimalist’s dream.

Jewelry Trend 2023: Kid-Friendly

According to Maguire, finding an Accessory that adds a touch of color and happiness to your Look is the key to the coming seasons. “Buyers are loving bright and festive charmed jewelry right now!”she says, citing brands like Vanessa Arizaga and Lauren Rubinksi as coveted examples. You could even borrow from the little ones in your life. After all, sharing is caring.